Community Comes Together to Show Their Support For The Blue

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Hundreds of citizens from around the Detroit-area gathered in Bloomfield Hills outside the city's police department today to show their support for those that protect them. The event was dubbed "Keep Your Faith In The Blue" , after a song by the same name and written by retired Detroit Police Officer, Michael Sanders. Sanders and his wife, Tewanda, also attended the event.

Holding signs with messages of support, participants lined along Long Lake Rd near Woodard - all wearing masks and/or social distancing. Cars drove by and beeped to show their support. The group celebrated by singing and listening to speakers tell heroic stories about their positive personal encounters with the Bloomfield Hills Police Department. A few officers came out to join the group and express their appreciation for everyone's thoughtfulness.

The event was the brainchild of resident Ellen DeMaris, who solicited the help of friend and neighbor, Detroit's Positive Patriot, Robert Dempster. Together they called other friends and neighbors and promoted it on social media - as well as on Dempster's weekly radio show on WDTK. "When I watched New York's Police Chief get hit with a stick and the blood all over his white shirt, I stood up in my living room and said to myself that I had to do something", DeMaris said on The Positive Patriot radio program. The next day, after seeing the protesters on Long Island, she realized that she had to put this event together.

Today's event was one of several planned around the city, all being spearheaded by various community groups. Stay tuned here for information on the next scheduled positive rally.

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