New York Times Editor Forced to Resign for Allowing Pro-Trump Piece

New York Times opinion editor James Bennet on Sunday resigned following an internal uproar over an editorial he allowed to run from Pro-Trump Republican Sen. Tom Cotton last week. The article, entitled “Send in the Troops” called upon President Donald Trump to send in the military as a response to the widespread rioting and looting that had been taking place across the nation. Bennet’s deputy editor, Jim Dao, has been demoted to the newsroom.

The Wednesday afternoon column had apparently caused an uproar among a few staffers who tweeted its headline along with the caption: “Running this puts Black @NYTimes staff in danger.”

Bennet initially defended the decision to run the opinion piece and admitted that the Times did “invite” Cotton to submit the piece. “I just want to begin by saying I’m very sorry, I’m sorry for the pain that this particular piece has caused,” Bennet said.

In an attempt to portray the once-respected New York Times as an unbiased and still-relevant news organization, Publisher A.G. Sulzberger sent a memo to staff following Bennet’s departure that claimed, “None of these changes mark a retreat from The Times’s responsibility to help people understand a range of voices across the breadth of public debate. That role is as important as it’s ever been.” It was unclear by press time whether or not anyone believed him.

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