The Positive Patriot Needs Your Support

They are trying to shut us down. It's not enough that they control the House, Senate and Executive Branch, they are now trying to silence their opponents by using their allies in the media and big tech companies to put the squeeze on anyone who voices opposition.

As a result, our sponsors are dropping like flies. They all fear retribution by these dangerous liberals. And who can blame them - look what they did to Michael Lindell from My Pillow. They are trying to put him out of business because he supported Donald Trump. And they are succeeding since Kohl's, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and JC Penney have all announced they will no longer be carrying My Pillow.

We, too, are being censored by the social media sites. Facebook suspended us for 2 weeks in mid-January for simply proclaiming that Donald Trump was a great president. And now our radio program is in jeopardy because of the loss of our sponsors. We hate that it has come to this, but the only way to keep our voices alive and be heard is with your support. If you want us to continue speaking out against the crazy liberal agenda - an agenda that has already cost tax payers trillions of dollars in just the first 2 weeks through Joe Biden's countless Executive Orders - then please help us out. Send checks (any amount)


The Positive Patriot

P.O. Box 831

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And call us on our show each Saturday at noon to keep the discussion alive. We want to hear from you. And maybe we can help take back the Senate and the House in 2 years before it's too late.

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